Your Care Team

The Blue Ridge Birth Care Team has evolved from friendships that have been formed over the course of years of working together in the birth community. These ladies have been hand picked to serve you because of their professionalism and dedication to honoring the birthing woman in an out of hospital setting. They each have their own unique set of gifts and experiences they bring to each birth. All are certified in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation and vast amounts of experience serving woman in their birth journeys. Please use this page as a way to get to know them, as part of your birth team. I know you will love them as much as I do.


Natasha Holloway, CNM

My path to Midwifery took longer than expected and was not without its twists and turns. Even as a small child I was fascinated by pregnancy and birth and would mortify my mother by touching every pregnant belly I saw, friend and stranger alike. Initially I pursued the pre- medicine route but it became clear to me that I would not be able to offer the care that I wanted to provide to the women I served.

After this realization, I decided to change my major to Nursing and obtained my BSN at Shenandoah University with the sole intent being to immediately continue for my Masters in Midwifery. I was blessed to go into out of hospital birth, the area of my calling and passion, after taking my Boards and practicing at St. Joseph’s Hospital. I really do have the best “job” in the world because I am surrounded by loving Midwives and amazing women. It is an honor to be a backup to and work with an amazing Midwife and dear friend! It is my hope to serve you well.

Currently, I live in Winchester with my husband and my two children. I am originally from Tennessee and you will hear that in my accent. My son was born via C/S and my daughter was a VBAC hospital transfer during a planned homebirth. My babies didn’t make it easy on me, but through them I continue to learn empathy, understanding, patience, strength, and the tenacity of woman.


Anne Monson

Anne has been a Student/Apprenticing Midwife working towards her NARM licensure as a CPM since 2016. She has been humbly serving families for the past 17 years. The support she provides ranges from Infant Massage Instruction, teaching Childbirth Education Classes, Birth and Postpartum support. She has five children with her husband of 21 years. Her first child was born in a hospital while her other four children were born at home under the loving and caring support of homebirth midwives.

She has been blessed to have experienced the care of a few different midwives and learned a lot about herself and the path to midwifery she has chosen. This journey has come full circle for Anne in that she has had the privilege of apprenticing with her very first midwife this past year and is now learning alongside Kelly. Kelly was a great influence in Anne’s life not only as a birth worker but also as a mother when she was pregnant with her first child.

Her experience has been not only with homebirth but at Birth Centers and Hospitals where she has worked with many different caregivers with many different styles. She is CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation Certified and has just recently completed the Birth Emergency Skills Training amongst many other certifications and workshop trainings throughout the years. Anne looks forward to helping Kelly provide a safe and loving space for you and your family during your childbearing year.