Newborn Q&A

I'm here to help you answer any questions you may have about your precious little one.

Do I have to take my baby to a pediatrician after birth?

The CPM credential scope of care includes, care of the normal, healthy newborn for the first 6 weeks of life. During pregnancy, you are encouraged to choose a care provider in case their services are needed but you are not required to have the baby seen immediately after birth.

 What testing can you offer my newborn?

In addition to the initial newborn exam, we offer CCHD (Critical Congenital Heart Defect) testingat birth and 2 days post partum as well as the  Newborn Metabolic screening. We  can also arrange to have the hearing screen done at 2 weeks post partum or can refer you to an audiology center.  Blood test such as bilirubin levels and blood typing can also be done as needed. Note the Newborn Metabolic Screen and Hearing screen are required by Virginia State law unless a parent or guardian objects on the grounds that the test conflicts with their religious practices.

Do you offer breastfeeding support?

Yes. Breastfeeding education is part of midwifery education and is strongly encouraged. If problems should arrive that cannot be resolved, we have referrals for lactation consultants and Pediatric Dentist that can be used to evaluate for any tongue tie concerns.

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