As your labor commences, expect to keep in touch as the birth team is assembled and a meeting time is determined. We don't wish for you to feel like a “watched pot”, but want you to feel comfortable as labor progresses. This will be different for every woman. 

Your birth team, which includes a fully trained birth assistant (CNM), and possibly a student midwife, will help with position suggestions, comfort measure or just being a supportive presence with you or elsewhere in your home. Monitoring, after initial vitals, will be intermittent, as needed or as requested. Always discussed with you first, cervical exams are done (or not done) by request or as a way to gather needed information to help you make an informed choice regarding care.  Nourishment and excellent hydration are paramount in labor to help your body run this “birth marathon,” thus, we will encourage you to do both.

You are welcome to invite anyone to your birth as you wish. We love having Doulas, birth photographers and are happy to give you referrals. Family members and friends are welcome as well.  All we ask is that they are supportive of your choice to birth at home. Siblings can be an excellent addition too! We ask that they have their own support person and have been educated, by you, as to what to expect. All of these details are what most women love about birthing at home. Freedom to move, eat, drink, and listen to their bodies as their labor unfolds into its own unique story.

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  • Kelly and her team are phenomenal. Can't say enough good things or speak HIGHLY enough of their operation! She and her team delivered our second daughter, Haven Grace. She brings so much joy into our lives. Kelly is now preparing to help my wife through her third pregnancy.
    — Derek A.
  • Kelly has given me wonderful tips for various pregnancy pains and discomforts during my two pregnancies, and is so easy to talk too! I can't wait to plan for baby #3 just so I can have her as part of my pregnancy and birth experience.
    — Leslie D.
  • Kelly has what it takes to get the job done in whatever way you want to have your child. Her wisdom and logic is sound and she is a gifted, anointed and amazing midwife and nurse!!!! I would definitely have my second child under her care.
    — Jamie W.
  • No words can describe the loving care this Godly woman will provide you with. So blessed to have her bring two babies safely into my families arms. How she has strength to love so many so deeply I will never know. But her skill and strength are from God. Such a wonderful lady we named our little girl after her!
    — Jessie B.