Personalized prenatal care with BRB begins in the comfort of your own home. This includes a free consultation to meet and discuss your past birth experiences, health history and desires.  It is important that a client understand the responsibility of working with a midwife in and out of hospital setting.  This visit allows us to get to know each other  better as you move towards making a choice for a midwife that is the best fit. 

Studies show that home birth is as safe as having your baby in a hospital, with qualified, well trained attendants for the low risk woman.  My job as your midwife is to first and foremost be your clinical advisor to ensure you are normal, healthy, low risk pregnancy.  I practice from the perspective of the Midwifery Model of Care that states that pregnancy and birth are normal life events.

Once care is established, each one hour prenatal visit, we will spend time getting to know one another to build a sense of trust that is vital in the midwife/client relationship.  This includes discussions on physical concerns as well as emotional concerns that can come along with any pregnancy.  We will discuss good nutrition as an important foundation for staying healthy and low risk as well as obtaining vitals on both you and your growing baby. Initial labs are drawn at the first visit, as well as all genetic testing discussed and offered. Referrals for ultrasounds can be given as well. Families are often present and welcome. Siblings love to participate!  As your pregnancy progresses, each visit will include topics such as; what you are learning in childbirth education class, your birth plan, fears or concerns and any questions as you gather your supplies.  Home set up will be at your 36 week visit, weekly visits begin and then the wait is on!


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1-Hour in Home Prenatal Care Visits

Monthly Visits Until 28 Weeks

Bi-Weekly Visits Until 36 Weeks

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  • I had the privilege of attending my first home birth as a doula for one of Kelly's clients and she was simply wonderful. She took great care to ensure the mom had the birth experience she desired and her skill at delivery was evident. Anyone would be blessed to have Kelly as a midwife! Thank God for midwives!!
    — Holly Sprague Blevins
  • Kelly was the first midwife I met and was there throughout my babies prenatal visits and part of the birth team. She is experienced, kind, smart, faithful, serious, funny and a humble midwife all at once! Also having RN with her is all you need to be equal to any birth center. I'm going straight to her for next ones.
    — Sanaz A Bardiya
  • Her gentleness soothes; her strength comforts and empowers.
    — Sara Davis
  • Kelly is a phenomenal midwife and a truly kind woman. She was with me for my third daughter and second homebirth, and I would absolutely recommend her care.
    — Natalie Myers Erdossy