Baby is here! Once baby has arrived, you will never be separated. We respect the perfect design of mother and baby together and the need for it to stay that way. Delayed cord clamping is our norm and when the time comes, you choose who will do the honors of cutting (or burning) it. Once stable, if in the tub, you are moved to the comfort of your bed and placed skin to skin with your newborn. Initial vital signs are done every 15 minutes on mom and baby for about an hour, more often if needed. Breastfeeding will be encouraged and you will be offered a light meal. Trust us... You will be starving! Afterwards, you and your family are given the chance to have some private time, alone, with your baby. This is a very sweet time that we feel is important, often called the sacred “Golden Hour” after birth. 

Finally, the work of labor is done and you are free to soak up this little one that you have waited so long for. Such a magical time! Before the team departs, which is typically 3-4 hours after birth, we will continue to check vitals, perform a perineal exam and complete any repair needed. We will help you to the bathroom and possibly a nice warm shower and then straight back to bed! A full newborn exam is done bedside, which includes weighing the baby with a fish scale, a favorite photo op! The birth certificate is filled out, foot prints are done and postpartum instructions are reviewed so you and your family feel comfortable caring for you both. Of course clean up is a must! A load of laundry will be put in, the trash taken out and birth pool deflated. You’ll never know we were there!

In 24-36 hours, we will return to your home to do another full physical on both mom and baby, breastfeeding help, as well as the Newborn Metabolic screen. A CPM's scope of care allows her to care for normal healthy newborns in the first 6 weeks of life. If there are any concerns, you will be encouraged to have you baby seen by a pediatrician or family practice physician of your choice.  Of course you are welcome to take your baby for a check up any time you desire. Two additional postpartum visits are scheduled, typically at 2 weeks and 6 weeks. A pap smear will be offered at 6 weeks as well as discussion regarding Family Planning. As always we are available, by phone, text, email or messaging at any time.

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  • Kelly and her team are phenomenal. Can't say enough good things or speak HIGHLY enough of their operation! She and her team delivered our second daughter, Haven Grace. She brings so much joy into our lives. Kelly is now preparing to help my wife through her third pregnancy. How exciting!
    — Derek A.
  • Kelly has given me wonderful tips for various pregnancy pains and discomforts during my two pregnancies, and is so easy to talk too! I can't wait to plan for baby #3 just so I can have her as part of my pregnancy and birth experience.
    — Leslie D.
  • Kelly has what it takes to get the job done in whatever way you want to have your child. She was there for me even after 51hrs of labor (40 natural, then a transfer to the hospital and 11 on pitocian when my epidural fell out, lol!) and she stayed in the hospital with me even when I finally had to get an emergency procedure to get my daughter out (to check on us both afterwards). Her wisdom and logic is sound and she is a gifted, anointed and amazing midwife and nurse!!!! I would definitely have my second child under her care.
    — Jamie W.
  • No words can describe the loving care this Godly woman will provide you with. So blessed to have her bring two babies safely into my families arms. How she has strength to love so many so deeply I will never know. But her skill and strength are from God. Such a wonderful lady we named our little girl after her!
    — Jessie B.
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Images courtesy of  Hilary Hyland Photography

Images courtesy of Hilary Hyland Photography

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Natasha Holloway, CNM | Anne Monson, Student Apprenticing Midwife | Hilary Biesecker, CNM, APRN | Kelly Jenkins, CPM, LM

Natasha Holloway, CNM | Anne Monson, Student Apprenticing Midwife | Hilary Biesecker, CNM, APRN | Kelly Jenkins, CPM, LM