Frequently Asked Questions

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When do I see you for my initial visit?

Initial visits are scheduled to be approximately around 10-12 weeks. Before then, we are available by text or phone for questions or concerns. 

What type of charting do you use?

We use a digital charting system called Maternity Neighborhood.  It is HIPAA compliant, completely secure and allows you view your “chart” at any time.

Do you require ultrasounds?

If you are not sure of your LMP, we encourage you to have  a “dating” ultrasound to give us the most accurate date for delivery. As well, we strongly recommend a 20 week anatomy scan. Our goal is to help you remain healthy and low risk. The information gleaned at an anatomy scan is one way to help you make the best decision for the birth of your baby. If you should go post dates, a bio-physical profile  and non-stress test are recommended.

Do you do vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)? 

Yes! We believe strongly in offering support to woman whom have had a previous cesarean section.  VBACs are special births!

Will there be anything different about my VBAC care?

As a way to evaluate whether doing an out of hospital VBAC is a good fit with BRB, we require that you provide the surgical report from your past delivery, to verify a low transverse incision.  We will also require a 20 week anatomy scan to show that your placenta is not coving your scar. Also- We realize that many woman have very strong feelings about their birth experience that, for whatever reason, ended in surgery. We will also work with you to process that birth and help with recommendations, such as nutrition, chiropractic care and excellent fetal positioning,  as to how to improve your success in having a VBAC. 

What happens if you are at a birth and I go into labor?

If we are another birth and you go into labor, the back up midwife, will be called. We will then come as soon as possible. Because we only serve a limited number of clients a month, this helps to lessen the chance of two clients going at the same time.

What if you are out of town and I go into labor?

We try to not be out of town three weeks prior to your estimated due date. If by chance you go into labor, we will attempt to either return to the area or contact the back up midwife to attend your birth.

What happens if my labor progresses quickly?

During you prenatal visits we'll cover this topic. We want dad to feel as comfortable as possible if this scenario should arise. If your birth progresses at a fast rate and the baby begins to come before the team arrives, we encourage you to put the midwife on speaker phone. We will help talk you through the delivery while in route to your home.

Who do you use as a birth assistant?

The birth assistants used are CNMs and RNs specially trained in out of hospital birth as well as trained and trusted by the midwife. Feel free to read their bios on our Care Team page.

Can I provide my own birth assistant?

You are welcome to hire your own doula, birth photographer or anyone else you would like to have at your birth, but all our birth assistants are hand picked to meet certain criteria of BRB.

Will there be student midwives at my appointments and delivery?

Yes! Training students is a responsibility we take seriously and believe highly in the model: “Each one, teach one”, and invite you to join us in this! You will have the opportunity to meet the student at your prenatal visits so you will be comfortable with her at your birth. Involvement will depend on her experience level and your comfort. Permission is always asked before hand.

Will I be able to meet your birth team prior to my birth?

Students regularly travel with the midwife to prenatal visits. You will most likely meet her and get to know her well enough to feel comfortable at your birth. Our birth assistants are CNMs and RNs. If her personal schedule allows, you may be able to schedule a meeting with her.  She is also available to "meet" over the phone.

Do you have access to any medications for birth?


Virginia state law does not allow the use of controlled substances by the Certified Professional Midwife. However, because our birth assistants are Registered Nurses, they legally have access to and can use medications and you will have access to them for your birth. This includes IV fluids, IV antibiotics, oxygen, injectable Vitamin K and erythromycin for baby, and of course,  anti-hemorrhagics. CPMs are also trained in the use of herbals, and homeopathics and have these available as well.

Can you draw labs and write referrals for other needed tests?

Yes. If you should need any laboratory testing or ultrasounds, we can write you a requisition as well as help you find a fair cash price if uninsured.

Do you do placenta encapsulation?

We do not but are happy to recommend someone for you.

Do you offer delivery anywhere else other than at my home?

Yes! BRB has agreements with local birth centers to use their facilities if having your baby at a center is a better fit for your family. Please contact BRB for further details.

What is the difference between a CPM, LM, CNM?

Here is a short article on the differences.

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