Water Birth FAQ

Your questions are important and I'm here to help! If you have any questions that are not listed please feel free to contact me.

Do you offer water birth?

Yes!  Water birth Is a great way to help a laboring mother relax and cope with the discomforts of labor.

What is your training in water birth?

My training in water birth was included in midwifery school as well as in my apprenticeship.  I was trained by senior midwives that had been delivering babies in water for years.   I have also attended Barbara Harper's Water Birth Conference.

I have been told being in the water can slow down labor.  Is this true?

I encourage a woman to get in the birth pool once labor is active. This means uterine contractions that are "longer, stronger and closer together". 6-7 centimeters is perfect! In my experience, being in the tub can possibly inhibit labor if you are not already in active labor. If labor slows, you will come out and continue to move around, and typically labor ensues on its own. 

How long is the baby under the water?


Immediately following the birth, you will be encouraged to lift your baby out of the water onto your chest. Once the baby's head is above the water, he/she will take  it's first breath. Please see this link for more information https://evidencebasedbirth.com/waterbirth/

Can I birth in any position?

Yes! Water birth is all about comfort and you will not be restricted in position as long as it is conducive to providing safety and does not inhibit “entry” for the baby.

Can my partner be in the tub as well?

You are welcome to invite your parter, family member or child(ren) in the tub with you with the understanding that the water may not remain free of your birth “fluids.”  

Will I ever need to get out of the tub before birth?

You are always welcome to get out of the tub at any time if you are not comfortable.  If during the labor, the baby should have non- reassuring fetal heart tones, meconium or any other reason that the midwife feels it would be beneficial to have the baby birthed on “land”, you will be encouraged to get out of the tub.

Where can I go for studies on water birth? 

Do you rent birth tubs and Can you provide anyadditional supplies would I need? 

Yes, please feel free to ask about rentals. We also have a water birth supply kit you can purchase or you can gather supplies yourself.

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